Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter for Knitters

Every 4 years knitters get a little sillier than usual. I mean, we're generally a fairly silly bunch, though serious about what it is that we make. But when the Winter Olympics roll around all bets are off.

Stephanie has sent out the challenge. I'm almost afraid to accept, but I think I will step up this year. I can't say that I haven't already cast on - my goal is to finish a sweater that has been languishing for most of a year. I purchased the yarn for my birthday in 2009, I started it sometime this past fall. The body is already up to the middle of my chest, but, honestly, I'm not certain I like the hip shaping and I may need to rip the whole body back out -- does that make it enough of a challenge for the Knitting Olympics? I think it does.

Every 2 years is the Ravelympics as well - adopted from Stephanie's marvelous idea and taken to a whole other level. I have entered that as well, but not for knitting. I purchased spindles and fluff last June and have not spent quality time with them. What's the old adage? You need to do something every day for 3 weeks for it to become a habit? Well the Olympics is about that long, and my goal is to spend at least 20 minutes every day spinning. I really don't care what I make as long as it is yarn, and I'm getting in the habit of spinning a little every day. Maybe I can figure out how to not have huge lumpy joins and follow Maggie's advice to draft them out properly.

Wish me luck! I'm goin' in!

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Karen said...

I didn't have time to join, or read about people who did. I am going up a post to see how you did. Which is obviously better than me!