Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer should always be like this.

Knitting on the deck.
Kids running through the sprinkler.
Happy breezes with the smell of grass and lilacs.
Iced tea with peppermint.
Just the right amount of shade and sun.
Listening to murmur of conversation of neighbors; no words, just calm.
Occasional bird song from the many local residents.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Possibly Back

It's been a huge while since I posted, and probably no one cares but me. This year has been completely not what I or anyone else expected it to be and the changes have been odd.

But here we are, with school only a month from ending for the year and summer looming on the horizon. If winter would ever actually decide to stop, of course. I'm looking out the window at my lilacs, bent over by the slush which fell last night. The first part of the garden is in, and starting to sprout. Lettuce is probably toast now, but I won't know for another day or so. There was no reasonable way to cover it.

Some changes are good. I started doing some freelance writing. I'm going to be taking community college classes to get what I hope will be a useful certificate which will allow me to continue to work from home. I'm still knitting and planning out some sewing. I've been helping out at Little Rogue's school, which looks like it will extend into some summer commissioned work.

I'm looking forward to summer, with all it's associated scheduling silliness.