Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Drive

Gorgeous drive today. Just decided to explore and we'd never been to Garden of the Gods, outside Colorado Springs.

Instead of going the boring way, and heading straight down I-25, we decided to head out Hwy. 85 and go through Sedalia, Palmer Lakes, and Monument before hopping back on 25 just N of Colorado Springs. Beautiful!

Saw 2 coyotes hanging out in a field, buffalo, many many horses and cows, and just pretty foothills views.

Garden of the Gods was a lot of fun, and very pretty to walk around. Doing it again, I'd go in the middle of the week and first thing in the morning to avoid some of the crowds and get more idea of the wildlife there. Saw many swifts and pigeons as well as one or two prairie falcons.

Decided to be adventurous on the way back, and instead of just retracing or going up 25, we headed out 24 through Manitou and then caught 67 North in Woodland Park. More wonderful driving, and a happy stop in Decker for truly delicious ice cream. It was amusing to get 100 mpg in the Prius coming down the mountain.

Followed the South Platte back, watching the fly fishers and the people tubing along the way. We thought about staying on 67, but decided that was too twisty and dirt road for the Prius and caught 40 to head back over the ridge and connect back to Sedalia. 40 is also dirt road, lots of washboard, but not to bad on the car and no real sharp hairpins.

All in all a terrific day, and we're already planning the next excursion. Possibly back down to Cave of the Winds, or maybe all the way down to Royal Gorge.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The season of fluff has passed. Yay!

It's 100°F out.  Boo!

Our A/C is dead (it's the original to the house and has no freon, thus has a leak which is impossible to find).  Mega-Boo!!

Think everyone's sleeping in the basement tonight.