Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good and Bad

Good - Don't need to water the grass again today.

Bad - Kiddo's Field Day got rained out, on their already rain-delayed date.


They finished up games in the gym, and had a blast anyway. Go school!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ta Done

I've always been about the big "To Do" lists. There's something about having all the tasks in a list that appeals to my brain. But right now the "To Do" is too big to handle. I know what's on the list, and more importantly, when it all has to get done.

So I've started, instead, recording the things that I have finished today. Not a "To Do" list. A "Ta Done" list. None of it is exciting or world changing. Unless one considers clean laundry world changing - honestly, it can be sometimes.  It's an ongoing list, and when today is done, another will get started.

It just feels good to know I got some things done today, without feeling the weight of all the stuff still to do.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time has passed

Which is not a real surprise. Tends to happen.

I didn't fill the time with blog posts, because I didn't think you all wanted to hear about how my class on Human Diseases was going, or about tutoring. Or even if you did, I didn't have the time to post it - I was busy commuting, taking classes, tutoring others, and doing an internship. 

However, that's all done now. I am once again a lady of leisure, but one trained in a new and hopefully mildly useful skill. And it's pretending to be summer out there, or at least making a good run at spring. After weeks of rain, there is sun, and that is good. It's likely there will be rain/hail/nasty later in the week, but I refuse to ignore the fact that everything is blooming now.

Look for more posts this summer, as kiddo and I venture forth and do crafts. I'm hoping it will be the summer of socks and dying. There will be the Wool Festival. There will be more spent grain bread. Possibly bagels. Maybe even spent grain bagels, which could be new and interesting.

Get out there and enjoy the sun.