Friday, July 31, 2009

Color as Therapy

A finished object! Yay! I finished the unending grey socks, and they turned out very well. I think Harb will appreciate them once it gets cold and he needs some around-the-house socks.

This was an on-the-fly pattern. I've found that using 50% of the number of leg stitches for the heel flap (standard reinforced heel) makes for a heel that is uncomfortably loose, so I've been doing 40% or so. The whole sock is done in 2x2 ribbing, except for the bottom of the foot and the toe.

As an antidote to the grey of the previous socks, I've decided to work on some very, very pink socks for Little Rogue.

I'm doing a two-fer in the difficulty department on these: 1) first time doing 2 socks at the same time using the magic loop method, and 2) using master numbers for LR plugged into Cat Bordhi's Upstream sock architecture, and adding 2x2 ribbing into the increases so that it flows up into the leg portion.

So far, it's going well, though I'll probably hit a bit of confusion when I get to the heel and need to do one backward from the other. Wish me luck.

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