Monday, May 4, 2009

When the week starts.

Monday's are not likely to be heavily recorded days. Monday is the day I attempt to embrace my inner housewife and give her reign. I'm not claiming this is successful, but at least laundry gets done. When energy and ambition coincide I can sometimes even get bathrooms cleaned and floors vacuumed.

Perhaps I need a talisman to encourage the expression of the inner housewife. I know she's there, very strongly, I just need to make her welcome and appreciated at the start of the week.

I need an apron. An apron of such usefulness and style that the inner housewife will be proud to sail about the house, making all things right and be happy to lie dormant the rest of the week, resting from a job well done, and allow other activities to take precedence.

I may even need one for the inner gardener. Or she'll get jealous of the housewife, and cause untold problems relating to tomatoes. The cook already has an apron, so I don't need to be concerned about her.

What?! Doesn't every stay-at-home mom have multiple persona? How else does anything get done?

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