Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blueberries and Corn

Have I mentioned recently that I love Pioneer Woman? If not, I wish to make that abundantly clear right now. She's smart, she's witty, I think she's amazing.

She posted a recipe for corn muffins lately, using a really basic recipe for the muffins, but then doing the brilliant addition of dried blueberries. Had to try adding dried blueberries to my normal (back of the cornmeal box) corn muffins. Delicious!!

In her recipe, Pioneer Woman uses a mix of buttermilk and regular milk. I don't generally have any buttermilk on hand, but happened to today. I used straight buttermilk, no regular.

The amazing sourdough smell coming from the oven when they baked was a good sign. Biting into a much more tender, less crumbly, very flavorful blueberry-corn muffin was the final reward.

I think I may just need to keep buttermilk around more. We make cornbread in some form most weekends for breakfast.

If you haven't visited Pioneer Woman, please go do so. If you haven't tried buttermilk in corn muffins, you really should.

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