Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maybe ...

.... it's a sock this time. First, an elaborate swatch. Second, a sock for someone who is not me, but has wide very short feet. Because 4.8 inches does not equal 4 1/8 inches (headsmack).

Because of the difference the patterning makes, the sole was 5" and the instep was 4.75" when I started the expansions this time. I tried the sock on after finishing the setup for the heel, but before turning. And it seems to fit. So I boldly went forth, finishing the heel last evening while listening to Bob's Big Band at the dNote. Fun band, fun venue, great food.

I even got to setting up the leg patterning! I'll be continuing the lattice up the front, mirroring it on the back, and doing 2x2 ribbing between. I'll figure the cuff when I get there.

Wow! It might be a sock!
I told kiddo that if I have to rip this one out, then the yarn doesn't want to be socks. But I think it wants to be socks now.

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