Friday, June 3, 2011

The continuing stooooooorrry

Yup. Still summer. Kiddo's being awesome. Things are going apace. She read a book in 45 minutes today. One of the A-Z Mysteries, which are supposed to be for her grade level. Fun little stories, by Ron Roy and John Steven Gurney, kind of equivalent in length/depth to the Magic Treehouse books. I think she needs to work more on her Nancy Drew - the A-Z series are "candy" books, Nancy is good solid protein for her. We've signed up for every reading program immediately accessible for whatever coupons, benefits, and rewards might be provided for what she will do this summer anyway.

The recalculated sock is going very well. I'm about halfway through the increases, and it's beginning to resemble a sock. It also fits much much better than the elaborate swatch.

The yellow quality of the pic brought to you by my marvelous camera and the halogen light on my desk.

Today, forts were built, summer homework was done, sock was knitted upon, recycling was recycled, books were read, Wii Fit was played, we biked to the library (and back), and kiddo finished the watermelon.

Yay! for the first week of summer vacation. May the rest continue in the fashion begun.

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