Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skirt Part Two

I promised pictures of the pre-ironed bias tubes -

It's a whole pile of wondering whether the whole thing will work out, if the stuff will stick, if you're going to iron it down in the wrong spot, and which one was supposed to go under? I found that laying it out on my project table and then slipping a cutting mat underneath the panel and transferring it carefully to the ironing board worked the best. Nothing moved, and I had a firm surface to press against while fiddling the bits into place.

The first panel took 2 hours from start of placement to sewn finish. Each one after that to 40 minutes or so, depending on how temperamental the thread decided to be during sewing.

Finally, all were knotted and ready for the rest of the skirt.

And it was time to start putting on the panel frames:

It was at this point that I made a critical decision: to top-stitch or not to top-stitch. I decided that if I was going to this much effort to make the knots that I would top-stitch everything. So, sew 6 bottom edges on, then go back and top stitch them. Sew the side edges on; top-stitch. Sew a couple panels together, and then top-stitch. More than doubles the sewing time, what with fiddling with the settings and switching the feet around on the machine, but is more than worth it.

Half the skirt done:

I'll cut to the chase. Let's just say that there is an underskirt made of muslin - 6 panels only with fully enclosed seams so there will be no raveling. The inner and the outer skirt are then sewn to the same waistband. Separate hems for the inner and the outer skirt.

The final product:

It has been declared incredibly comfortable.

And, at the Festival this past weekend:

One of my favorite things about it is how it hangs. The frames of the panels fall to the inside, and the centers of the panels bow out. Since I did a pointed hem on purpose it just makes a cool shape when worn.

It has been washed now, just like all other clothes she has, and with a light ironing looks just beautiful.

I'm already making plans for the next bit of Celtic appliqué work. I've been dreaming of a very cool bodice for a while, and now I think it might even work.

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Karen said...

LOVE the skirt. LOVE it. It hangs very beautifully and I am sure this will be a skirt she'll love well past out-growing it, and then she'll always remember the skirt Mom made.