Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Rain Keeps Coming Down

Not as bad as elsewhere obviously, but the last few days of rain combined with the crud on the roof from the cottonwood trees finally overwhelmed the gutters again. Without our noticing, either yesterday or last night, it came in the basement window - again.

So, we have a flood in the basement again. The carpet tiles are soaked beneath the window, and there's a patch of paint about 8" diameter which has completely separated in a nice pocket. Spectacular.

I'm glad I have a steam cleaner, now - it works nicely for extracting water from the carpet. Now we wait for it to dry out, pull up the tiles when it's sunny enough to lay them outside to dry, and figure out how to patch the paint on the wall.

Not the thing I wanted to find when I came home from a fruitless shopping trip looking for a new desk.

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