Thursday, June 17, 2010

Planning, meet Reality

What I needed to get done today:

1) Get the second discussion problem done and submitted for my class.
2) Start a draft of the paper that's due on Sunday.
3) Clean up the still-wet tiles in the basement, so it can stop smelling like mold down there and actually dry.
4) Finish the second shoulder seaming on The Sweater That Will Not End.
5) Keep the kiddo entertained, since it's summer.

What has actually gotten done so far today:

1) Listen to kiddo whine that she never gets to do anything fun - just because she was asked to go do her completely normal morning jobs.
2) Got the tiles pulled up from the basement, and washed that part of the sub-floor with bleach. Set the tiles out in the sun to dry completely.
3) Get yelled at some more by the kiddo because, no, sorry, we don't have a kite available right at this particular second.
4) Start the laundry of the nasty towels used to clean up the flood in the basement and the doll clothing that got slimed.
5) Take kiddo out for a bike ride.
6) Have small snack.
7) Read a little bit with kiddo.
8) Clean the kitchen floor and the lower cabinets on my hands and knees because both are repulsive.
9) Get whined at by kiddo that she's bored and can we paint?
10) Make deal to be allowed to finish the floor.
11) Get supplies.
12) Paint with kiddo.
13) Kiddo wanders off "to take a nap", having cleaned up 2 items out of our painting festival.
14) Clean up the rest of the painting stuff.
15) Bring the tiles back inside, brushing off all the *##@& cottonwood fluff I knew would adhere to them, but I had no choice, it's how they had to dry.
16) Prepare a snack, since I had no lunch.
17) Find out kiddo didn't take a nap, but was just reading, and as soon as I sit down to eat my snack, she comes down to ask for something else.

Summer break is only 2 weeks old. I may not survive the rest of the month.

I still have to get this next problem and paper draft for my ethics class done today, since I refuse to work on them over the weekend. At this rate, there's no way kiddo's getting her new skirt for renaissance festival next weekend. So I guess it'll be another night where I'm up until midnight studying or trying to finish a project.

And kiddo wonders why I don't have a lot of patience right now. Mommy needs just a bit more than 5 hours of sleep a night, kiddo. And possibly some time during the day that doesn't involve the demands of other people literally every 5 minutes, with constant sentence interruptions.

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