Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow, but those are pink.

I completed the Very, Very Pink socks (Ravelry link) today, and they actually fit Little Rogue. Definitely have the feeling that they may not fit her when it actually is cool enough to wear them. Ah, well, such is the perils of knitting for the rapidly growing.

But they're cute!

I switched back to doing the legs on DPNs withs about 5 inches left to do. The magic loop is cool, 2-at-a-time is very cool, but I was feeling like I was spending a lot of time fiddling with cable and yarn and very little time knitting. They flew off the DPNs. I'm not sure whether to practice more with ML to get better at it, or if I should just stick with DPNs and get better at lever knitting so they go faster.

The legs of these are 12 inches, un-stretched. That loses about 2 inches in wearing and ends up perfectly below the knee. Because of the whole kid thing, I didn't bother with any calf expansion or even change the ribbing at the top - I just used EZ's sewn cast-off at the top and called it good.

I love how the expansion looks.

And I think the heel turned out rather nice as well. I did a plain heel, rather than reinforced, because the fabric is pretty sturdy anyway.

Much fun, quick project, and only 8 days (well, 7.5 now) until school starts. I need to decide what to cast on next, so that I have a travel knitting project which is not one of the stealth projects for Little Rogue. I'm thinking of trying Monkey, in some striped Lane Cervinia Forever I've got. Not sure how the pattern will work with the stripes, but it'll be interesting.


Karen said...

Very nice. I love knee highs! Did you get your Monkeys started?

Anonymous said...

cute and BRIGHT!