Monday, July 6, 2009

Fish or cut bait.

It's down to the wire on the projects I need to complete by end of day on Wednesday. I started to work on the skirt tonight, laying out the beautiful edge embroidered linen and considering whether the pattern I was considering would work.


Hmmm, another pattern?


Ok, what about this one?


Well, crud.

Deciding that the only viable pattern for the fabric is either a) a dirndl - sooooo not flattering, or b) a pattern I've never seen and thus would have to create, I went for what was behind door number 3.

A nice linen skirt, embroidered with an all-over pattern, which I made several years ago and love wearing. I'm not completely certain about the lace edge of the top with the all over embroidery of the skirt, but hey! it makes for a fully handmade outfit which is the overall goal of this deal.

Sometimes you eat the fish, sometimes the fish eats you, but either way - someone's got a full belly.

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