Friday, June 19, 2009

Quiet times

Just a few days of peaceful home time. It's summer, so there's the round of swim classes and dance classes and such. But that also means that there's long stretches of just kiddo.

Yesterday I wanted to water the lawn anyway, so it was sprinkler time. Nothing says summer like a 5 year old screaming through a cold hose spray.

Following it with popcorn for a snack was just perfect.

I have been crafting, just slowly and in little bits. The unending husband socks have seen some time - they're my waiting-during-classes knitting. Also my watching the kiddo run through the sprinkler knitting.

I just noticed yesterday that by some random miracle the stripes on the two socks almost perfectly match.

I've started the sweater I'm planning to wear for a wedding next month. Below is the rather large swatch I worked to check gauge and make sure I had the pattern errors corrected.

Yes, a sweater. Yes, in summer. Yes, for a wedding in Iowa .... in the summer. It's cotton blend yarn, it'll be sleeveless, and the bottom of the sweater is lace. Paired with a linen skirt, and I don't think I'll completely die in the heat and humidity. But we'll see.

And from the Estes fluff, I've started some spinning. I'm probably putting too much twist into the singles, but this second attempt is going much better than the first.

I think the first time I was trying to go too thin for the way the fiber is prepped, and what I got was very rough - think rug yarn rather than garment yarn. This time it's thicker, shinier, and much softer. I probably should wash and set a sample of it, but I also want to keep going consistently, so I think I'll just play the odds and keep spinning when I've got bits of time. Though it would look nice plied, I'm planning to keep these as singles to get a bit more yardage out of the deal.

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